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Featuring 100 of the World's Best Photographers and Artists

Returning Summer 2024

Apply to participate in our Open Call

  1. Choose your best 3 images on Instagram.
  2. Write a caption with why ocean conservation matters to you.
  3. Tag the post with #100fortheOcean2024

Closes on May 1st

Together, we can create a global movement to protect our global ocean.

Print Shop REOPENING June 2024


We are a global community of ocean warriors.

Our efforts to focus on 7 critical areas:

  • Creating marine protected areas.
  • Protecting species.
  • Eliminating plastics from waterways.
  • Restoring ocean habitats.
  • Rethinking fisheries.
  • Harnessing the power of the sea to tackle climate change.
  • We must achieve Ocean equity & justice for coastal communities.