Press for 100 for the Ocean

May 10

The Times UK

Stunning images taken in oceans, on ice and in jungles help to fund vital conservation work

May 18

The Guardian

Founded by Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and Chase Teron,100 for the Oceanunites 100 world-class photographers selected for their talents and contributions to conservation. Until 31 May 2023,photographs are on salewith profits going to under-funded and under-recognised ocean-focused NGOs voted for by photographers. The top-voted NGOs so far include: Whale Guardians, Coast First Nations, and Por el Mar

May 4

CNN Call to Earth

"A picture of a manatee and her calf relaxing in Florida’s eelgrass and an image of seahorses feasting on plankton late at night are just two of the limited-edition prints that will go on sale this month, as part of an initiative that unites 100 renowned photographers to raise money for ocean conservation."

May 19

My Modern Met

One hundred of the world's top photographers have come together for the good of the ocean. Put together by renowned conservation photographers Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, and Chase Teron,100 for the Oceanis a remarkable opportunity to purchase high-quality photography while helping the planet. This print fundraiser is a limited-time opportunity to get fine art photography at an affordable price. And the best thing is, all of the profits go to ocean research and advocacy charities.

May 1

The Globe and Mail

May 2


'Bringing together 100 wildlife photographers from around the world, 100 For the Oceanis a month-long fundraiser “to empower those on the frontlines of ocean conservation and to create a powerful, collective voice to impact policy and drive change.”'

May 2

Camera Jabber

'Photographers, filmmakers and marine biologists, Cristina Mittermeier and Paul Nicklen foundedSeaLegacyin 2014 with a mission to use visual storytelling to protect the ocean. Now they have created100 For the Ocean, and gathered together 100 photographers across a range of genres who are donating an image to support this aim.'

May 2

Noticias Telemundo

'Un grupo de 100 fotógrafos reconocidos se han sumado a una campaña mundial por la conservación de los océanos poniendo a la venta sus magníficas imágenes a un precio asequible durante el mes de mayo. Las tomas acercan paisajes de mares turquesas resplandecientes, majestuosas criaturas en el mundo submarino y bellas composiciones en lugares remotos, entre muchos más.'

May 3

The Limited Times

'The '100 for the Ocean' campaign features prints by professionals from over 15 countries, including Steve McCurry and Pete Souza, at affordable prices. "They are warriors of the sea even if they are not divers," says the Mexican biologist who leads the initiative.'

May 4


According to a paper published in 2020, investments of $175 billion per year will be needed to conserve and ensure sustainable use of the ocean, to meet United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 – “Life Below Water.”

“As a small group of photographers, we’re just going to raise a drop of that,” Mittermeier said in a press release. “The hope, however, is that we’re going to shine a spotlight on the ocean.”

May 5

The Times-Colonist

"Three environmentalists from Vancouver Island are collaborating with top wildlife photographers from across the world in an effort to further ocean conservation."

May 5


Check out all the prints here, and if your wall has a bare spot, now’s a great time to add some artwork on a fluidsy nature.

May 6


Un grupo de 100 fotógrafos reconocidos se han sumado a una campaña mundial por la conservación de los océanos poniendo a la venta sus magníficas imágenes a un precio asequible durante el mes de mayo.

May 8

DIY Photography

This initiative unites 100 world-class photographers who have joined forces to contribute to marine life research and conservation. During May 2023, you’ll be able to buy their fine art prints at only $100, with 100% of profits going to ocean research and advocacy charities.

May 9

CBC Radio

Half a dozen Vancouver Island photographers are taking part in a project to raise awareness for ocean conservation. It's called '100 for the Ocean'. Acclaimed photographers have donated their photos -- and proceeds from selling them online will go to support ocean charities. Nanaimo-based photographer Chase Teron is one of the cofounders of the movement. CBC's Claire Palmer caught up with him for more.

May 9


Dự án “100 bức ảnh vì đại dương” (100 For the Ocean) gồm những bức ảnh gây xúc động và ấn tượng nhất của các nhiếp ảnh gia nổi tiếng thế giới, đang kêu gọi gây quỹ nhằm góp phần bảo vệ hệ sinh thái biển.

May 26

Wake Up Call by Katie Couric

Molner and I had a blast learning about marine life with photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier earlier this year, and I wanted to share a way you can support ocean conservation while also scoring some beautiful artwork.